• Pre / Post tenancy
    Supreme Clean offer Pre and Post tenancy cleans to the householder, We can do as much or as little as required on all aspects of your cleaning requirements.
  • Ironing
    We offer daily, weekly and Bi-weekly ironing services, usually timed with your home cleaning requirements.
  • Deep cleans
    This is where we clean the entire house from top to bottom, all the nooks and crannies cleaned and sanitized.
  • Windows
    Internal and external window cleaning, conservatories etc. can be cleaned to maintain a clear view throughout the year.
  • Housekeeping
    Stripping / Changing bed linen to make sure you have fresh bedding. Loading and unloading dishwashers, washing machines etc.
  • Detailing
    Comes as standard with all of our cleaning services, but some people just want us to come and polish the fine china, give your glassware that extra sparkle or shine your silverware into a mirror finish.

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